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XIT Rodeo & Reunion

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XIT Parade Letter & Entry Form

2018 Parade Letter

2018 XIT Parade Entry Form

Meet the 82nd Parade Marshall – Franky Scott

Franky Scott was born October 28, 1949 in Sweetwater TX. At the age of 2 his family moved to O’Donnell, Texas where his father would work as Cowboy for Spade Ranch. Spade Ranch was located out of Colorado City and consisted of 53 sections. Franky remained in O’Donnell until 1964 where he attended high school as a sophomore. Franky’s family then moved back home to Sweetwater, TX where he would later graduate from high school in 1967.
After graduating high school Franky went on to attend Angelo State University. While in College Franky was drafted in the Military. He spent 5 months in training before being deployed to Korea as a combat medic during the Vietnam War. He would serve an additional 13 months overseas before returning home.
After returning home Franky went back to working and enrolled to go back to college. He then moved to the panhandle with a friend where he met a young women and decided to stick around for a while. In 1974 Franky went to the DPS Academy in Austin, Texas and graduated later that year in October. He would then end up stationed in Hereford, Texas. In August of 1975 Franky married Nancy who was a school teacher that lived and taught in the town of Stratford, Texas. Shortly after they moved to Dalhart, Texas.
On April 1, 1976 Franky started his first day of duty in his newly called home of Dalhart. By May of that year Nancy had given Birth to their first born son. With his family quickly growing Franky took on addition work to support his family. He cowboyed wheat pasture cattle for AT Bridgman and even moonlighted for M&S Bodyshop. It wasn’t long before Franky and Nancy brought two more baby boys into this world. As the boys all grew older Franky started a mowing business for the boys to start making some money. The family were regular church goers and Franky was a Deacon for the First Baptist Church, where he also taught Sunday school.
In 2000 Franky was asked to take on the role as Sherriff and finish the term for the current Sherriff at that time. He had intended on running for Sherriff at the next election. In 2001 he started his first official term as Sherriff and has been in that role since. Franky has spent his career serving and protecting the town of Dalhart and its people. He exhibits great strength and leadership and is a role model to the community.
Photo credit: Photo Makers of Dalhart, TX

Congratulations to our 2018 Little Mr. & Miss XIT

Mr. Little XIT – Brock Graham  & Miss Little XIT – Klara Sullins